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Stories of V H Thakur and Anantrao Patankar

shirdi sai baba

Mr. Thakur

Mr. V.H.Thakur, B.A., was a clerk in the Revenue Department and he once went to a town named Vadgaum close Belgaum. There he saw a Kanarese Saint (Appa) and bowed before him. The Saint was clarifying apart from the book “Vichar-Sagar” of Nischaldas (a standard work on Vedanta) to the crowd. At the point when Thakur leaving the saint said to him, “you should examine this book, and on the off chance that you do as such, your wants will be satisfied, you will run over an extraordinary Saint by your good karma, and afterward he will demonstrate to you the future way, and offer rest to your psyche and satisfy you”.

At that point, his job was shifted to Junnar, where one could go only by crossing the Nhane Ghat. This Ghat was steep and impassible, and no other movement, then a bison, was useful in conveyance. So he needed to take a bison ride through the Ghat, which hindered and tormented him much. Later, he was exchanged to Kalyan on a higher post, and there he ended up familiar with Nanasaheb Chandorkar.
He heard much about Sai Baba from him and wished to see Him.

Following day, Nanasaheb needed to go to Shirdi, and he asked Thakur to go come with him. Thakur couldn’t company as such as he needed to go to the Thana Civil Court for a common case. So Nanasaheb went alone. Thakur went to Thana, yet there the case was deferred. At that point, he apologized for not going with Nanasaheb.

Still, he left for Shirdi and when he went there, he found that Nanasaheb had left the spot the earlier day. His companions, whom he met there, took him to Baba. He saw Baba, fell at His Feet and was excited. His eyes were brimming with tears of euphoria and his hair remained on end.

At that point sooner or later the omniscient Baba said to him – “The way of this spot isn’t so natural as the teachings of the Kanarese Saint Appa or even as the bison ride in the Nhane Ghat. In this profound way, you need to put in your best effort as it is extremely troublesome”.

At the point when Thakur heard these huge signs and words, which none else than he knew, he was overpowered with bliss. He came to know, that the expression of the Kanarese Saint had turned genuine. At that point joining two hands and putting his head on Baba’s Feet, he implored that he ought to be an acknowledged and favored.

At that point Baba said – “What Appa revealed to you was okay, yet these things must be rehearsed and lived. Insignificant perusing won’t do. You need to think and complete what you read, else, it is of no utilization. Minor book-learning, without the beauty of the Guru, and self-acknowledgment is of no profit”. The theoretical part was read from the work ‘Vichar Sagar’ by Thakur, however the practical way was shown to him at Shirdi. Another story given beneath will draw out this fact all the more persuasively.

Anantrao Patankar

One nobleman from Poona, by name Anantrao Patankar, wished to see Baba. He came to Shirdi and took Baba’s darshan. His eyes were pacified, he was greatly satisfied. He fell at Baba’s Feet and subsequent to performing legitimate love said to Baba – “I have perused a ton, contemplated Vedas, Vedanta and Upanishads and heard all the Puranas, but still I have not got any peace of mind; so I think that all my reading was useless.

Except if the psyche ends up quiet, all book-learning is of no profit. I have heard, from numerous individuals, that you effectively give genuine feelings of serenity to such huge numbers of individuals by your mere look and loving words. So I have come here; please take pity on me and bless me”. At that point, Baba disclosed to him an anecdote, which was as per the following:-

Story of Nine Balls of Stool (Nava-vidha Bhakti)
Once a merchant came in Shirdi. Before him a horse passed his stool (nine chunks of stool). The merchant, spread the end of his dhotar and gathered all the nine balls in it, and thus he got peace of mind”.

Mr. Patankar couldn’t make out the gist of this story; so he asked Dada Kelkar, “What does Baba mean by this?” .He answered – “I also don’t have the foggiest idea about all that Baba says and implies, however at His motivation I state, what I come to know.
The horse is God’s elegance and the nine balls discharged are the nine structures or kinds of Bhakti, viz., (1) Shravana (Hearing); (2) Kirtana (Praying); (3) Smarana (Remembering); (4) Padasevana (falling back on the feet); (5) Archana (Worship); (6) Namaskara (Bowing); (7) Dasya (Service); (8) Sakhyatva (Friendship); (9) Atmanivedana (surrender of oneself).

These are the nine kinds of Bhakti. On the off chance that any of these is steadfastly pursued, Lord Hari will be satisfied, and show Himself in the home of the lover. All the sadhanas, viz. Japa (vocal love), Tapa (retribution), Yoga practice and concentrate the sacred writings and clarifying them are very futile except if they are joined by Bhakti, i.e., commitment.

Learning of the Vedas, or distinction as an incredible Jnani, and negligible formal Bhajan (love) are of no benefit. What is needed is Loving Devotion. Think about yourself as the shipper or searcher after reality and be restless and energetic like him to gather or develop the nine kinds of commitment. At that point, you will accomplish peace of mind.

Following day, when Patankar went to Baba for darshan, he was asked whether he gathered the ‘nine balls of stool’. At that point, he said that he, being a poor fellow, should first be graced by Baba, and then they will be easily collected. At that point Baba favored and consoled him, saying that he would achieve harmony and welfare. In the wake of hearing this, Patankar ended up excited and glad.

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