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Greatness of Udi- II

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Greatness of Udi – II

Greatness of Udi continued. You can read the last post here: Greatness of Udi-I

Bubonic Plague Case

When a devotee in Bandra came to realize that his little girl, who was living in some other place, was suffering from Bubonic Plague. There was no Udi with him. So he sent the word to Nanasaheb Chandorkar to send it. Nanasaheb got this message on a street close to the Thana railroad station when he was heading out to Kalyan.

Nanasaheb also had no Udi with him. Accordingly, he took some land from the street, chanted on Sai Baba, and applied to forehead to his wife. The devotee saw this and when he went to his little girl’s home, he was extremely upbeat to realize that his girl, who had been languishing over three days, started to enhance from that minute.

Balabuva Sutar

Once Balabuva Sutar, who called “Current Tukaram” visited Shirdi. At the point when he bowed before Baba, Baba stated, “I know this man for a long time”. Balabua thought and figured, how would this be possible as this is my first visit to Shirdi.

He recalled that he had postrated himself before the image of Baba four years back and was sure about the significance of Baba’s words. He said to himself, “How omniscient Baba is and truly cares for his devotees.  I just bowed down on Baba’s photo, Baba saw this reality and in the perfect time he understood that his image is to see his own It’s equivalent to seeing him. ”

Madhavrao Deshpande (Shama’s) Sister-in-law

Shama’s brother, Bapaji lived close Saval. His wife was assaulted with bubonic torment. She had high fever. Bapaji came to Shama in Shirdi and requesting that he come and help. Shama was terrified. He went to Baba, tormented himself before him, required his assistance, and asked to address the issue. He additionally requested authorization to go to his sibling’s home.

At that point Baba stated, “Don’t go in this late time”.  She will be restored effectively, don’t go now, however go tomorrow and come back early. ”

The Udi was applied on the affected area and some of it was blended with water and given to the patient to drink.No sooner the Udi was applied, She felt relieved .

The following morning, Bapaji was astonished to see his wife alright. At the point when Shama ran to Bapaji’s place with Baba’s consent the following morning. He was additionally shocked to see his wife healthy . On inquisitive from his sibling, he discovered that Baba’s Udi totally relieved him in one night. At that point Shama understood the significance of Baba’s words.

Irani’s Daughter

Once a daughter of Irani gentleman from Bombay was suffering from fits. She became very weak and no remedy gave her relief. A friend of him recommended Baba’s Udi  to him. He got Udi from Kakasaheb and gave it to her daughter. After few days the girl was completely recovered.

Harda Gentleman

A gentleman from Harda was suffering from stone bladder. People around him recommended him to undergo surgery . He was much worried and felt dejected. The city officer had been in the town for some time. He was a staunch devotee of Sai Baba. On recommendation of him , his son gave his father Udi mixed in water to drink. Within a moment the stone dissolved and came out through his urine. Thus the old man was relieved by Baba’s Udi.



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