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Greatness of Udi- I

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Greatness of Udi – I

In the last post we mentioned about the spiritual and material implications of the Udi. In this post we will see how Udi cured sufferings of many devotees.

Scorpion Sting

Nashik’s Narayana Motiram was a staunch devotee of Baba. He was serving Ramchandra Vaman Modak under the name of another devotee of Baba. When he went to Shirdi alongside her mom and saw Baba. At that point Baba himself said that his child ought not to serve more, rather it should begin an autonomous business.

A couple of days after the fact, this forecast worked out. Narayan Jani quit the administration and began a lodging ‘Anandaashram’ which developed well.

Once Narayanrao’s companion stung with scorpion and because of this the agony, the pain was unbearable. In such cases, the Udi is most effective; But  Narayanrao found it nowhere.

At that point, he remained before Baba’s image and required the help of Baba. He stood before Baba’s image and taking out a pinch of incense stick and chanting Baba’s name applied on the stink area.  As soon as he hauled out his fingers, the torment vanished, and his friend felt relieved.

 The Jamner Miracle

Around 1904-05 Nanasaheb Chandorkar was Mamledar at Jamner. in the Khandesh District, which is quite near to Shirdi. His little girl Mainatai was pregnant and was going to deliver a child. Her case was intense and she was experiencing work torments for the last a few days.

Nanasaheb attempted all cures but none succeed.  He at that point recalled Baba and conjured His guide. In Shirdi one Ramgirbuva needed as of now to go to his local place in Khandesh. Baba called him and instructed him to take a little rest and stop at Jamner on his way home and give the Udi and Arati to Nanasaheb Chandorkar.

Ramgirbuva said that he had just two rupees with him and that sum was scarcely adequate for the railroad toll up to Jalgaon and it was impractical for him to go from Jalgaon to Jamner. Baba guaranteed him that he requires not to stress, as everything would be accommodated.

At that point, Baba requested that Shama compose the notable Arati created by Madhav Adkar and give it with Udi to Ramgirbuva to be conveyed to Nanasaheb. At that point depending on Baba’s words, Ramgirbuva left Shirdi and came to Jalgaon at around 2-45 a.m.

He had just two annas left with him and was in a hard situation. To his extraordinary alleviation, he heard someone getting out “Who is Bapugirbuva of Shirdi?” He went to him and revealed to him that he was the individual Bapugirbuva. At that point, the peon, declaring to be sent by Nanasaheb, took him out to a brilliant tanga. They both drove in it.

The peon took the steeds for watering them and the peon solicited Ramgirbuva to share from a few eatables. On observing the facial hair, mustache and the attire of the peon, Rangirbuva suspected him to be a Moslem and was reluctant to take any refreshments from him. Yet the peon fulfilled him by saying that he was a Hindu and that Nanasaheb had sent these refreshments and that there ought to be no trouble.

At that point, they two took the refreshments and began once more. They came to Jamner at daybreak. Ramgirbuva landed to go to a call of nature and returned inside a couple of minutes, yet discovered that there was no tanga, no driver and no peon. He was astounded.

At that point, he went to the neighboring Katcheri and making inquiries, discovered that the Mamlatdar was at home. He went to Nanasaheb’s home, and reported himself and provided for Nanasaheb, Baba’s Udi and Arati. Mainatai’s case was most genuine and all were in profound nervousness about her. Nanasaheb gave the Udi, blended with water, to their little girl to drink, and sing Baba’s Arati.

He thought that Baba’s assistance was generally helpful. In no time flat came the news that the conveyance was sheltered and that the emergency had passed away. At the point when Ramgirbuva expressed gratitude toward Nanasaheb for the peon, tanga and the refreshments and so on the late was significantly amazed as he had sent none to the station, and didn’t know about any individual coming from Shirdi.

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