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Story of Two Gentlemen From Goa

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Sai Baba


Story of Two Gentlemen

Once two gentlemen come for taking darshan of Sai Baba, and prostrated themselves before him. Not with standing the way that both got together, Baba asked only one person to  give him Rs.15/ – as Dakshina . The man paid excitedly.

The other man deliberately offered Rs. 35/ – . This entire was dismissed by Baba. To the bewilderment of all. Shama asked Baba, “What is this? Both got together, One’s Dakshina you recognize, the other, anyway voluntarly paid, you can’t. Why this capability?.

Baba replied, “Shama, you don’t know anything. I don’t take anything from anybody. The Dwarkamai requires the commitment, the promoter pays it and ends up being free. I don’t require anything. I am ever free. Baba then explained as follows:

Baba said : As first this man was poor and took a guarantee to his God that he would pay his first month’s remuneration in case he got a job. He got a job of Rs.15/ – p.m. By then he reliably got progressions, from fifteen rupees he got rupees thirty as salary .

Then from 60 his salary went on increasing and finally it became seven hundred rupees. In any case, in his flourishing he ignored clean the promise he took. The intensity of his karma has driven him here and I asked that whole rupees fifteen  from him as Dakshina.

Once  While wandering by the sea side I went to a mansion  and sat on its verandah. The proprietor gave me a better than average assembling and empowered me indulgently. He exhibited to me a faultless and clean place near a storeroom for resting. I rested .

While I was sound napping, the man broke the divider entered in, and robbed all money from my pocket. When I woke up, I found that my thirty thousand rupees  were stolen. I was remarkably grieved and sat crying and moaning.

The trade was out cash notes and I speculated that the Brahmin had stolen it. I lost all energy sat for a fortnight on the verandah, sobbing over my hardship. A man saw me crying, and made enquiries as for the explanation behind my trouble. I told him everything.

He expressed, “If you follow my offering, you will recover your money. Go to a fakir, I will give his details, surrender yourself to him. He will get back your money; in the meanwhile surrender your most cherished sustenance till you recover your money.”

I sought after the fakir’s suggestion and got my money. By then I got out the Wada and went to the sea shore.I got down where I got a train and went to the Dwarkamai.

Shama took the guests to his home. By then Shama took them home and supported them. Shama said to the guests that Baba’s story was to some degree hidden, as He had never gone out of Shirdi nor restored any money.

In a smothering voice they said that Baba was omniscient. The story He gave out is really our story. What He talked has viably happened for our circumstance

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