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Sai Baba’s Routine and His Dorm

Sai Baba’s Daily Routine

In this post we will see how Sai Baba begged his food ,how Bayajabai served him and how He rested in the Masjid Mai with Tatya Kote Patil and Bhagat Mhalsapati

shirdi sai baba
Sai Baba

Divine are the people of Shirdi, before whose houses Baba called out, “Gracious Lady, give Me a bit of bread” and spread out His hand to get the food. In one hand He conveyed a tinypot and in the other a zoli. He every day visited certain houses. Fluid or semi-fluid things, for example, soup, vegetables were taken in the tinpot, while cooked rice, bread, and such strong things were taken in the zoli.

The sustenance consequently gathered was tossed in a kundi. Canine, felines and crows uninhibitedly ate from it and Baba never pushed them away. The lady who cleared the floor of the Masjid took bits of bread to her home, and no one kept her from doing as such.

Individuals in Shirdi took Him in the first place for a distraught Fakir. He was known in the town by this name. How might one be able to, who lived on charity by asking a couple of scraps of bread, be adored and regarded? Be that as it may, this Fakir was extremely liberal of heart and hand, impartial and altruistic. Intense He looked whimsical and eager from outside. He was firm and unfaltering inside. His way was questionable. Still even in that little town, there were a couple of kind and favored individuals who perceived and viewed Him as an Incredible Soul.

Bayajabai’s Splendid  Administration

Tatya Kote’s mom, Bayajabai, used to go to the forested areas each noon with a container on her head containing bread and vegetables. She wandered in the wildernesses trampling over hedges and bushes looking for Sai, and in the wake of chasing Him out, fell at His feet.

The Fakir sat quiet and still in contemplation, while she put a leaf before Him, spread the eatables, bread, vegetables and so on subsequently and sustained Him coercively. Magnificent was her confidence and administration. Consistently she meandered at twelve in the wildernesses and constrained Baba to the share of lunch.

Her administration, Upasana or Repentance, by whatever name we call it, was always remembered by Baba till his Maha Samadhi. Recalling completely what benefit she rendered, Baba profited her child greatly. Both the child and the mother had extraordinary confidence in the Fakir, Who was their God. Baba regularly said to them that “Fakir was the genuine Lordship as it was everlasting, and the alleged Lordship was transient”.

After a few years, Baba left off going into the forested areas. He started to live in the town and take his meal in the Masjid. From that time Bayajabai’s inconveniences of wandering in the wildernesses finished.

Sai Baba’s Dorm

Tatya Kote Patil and Bhagat Mhalsapati, shared the organization of Sai Baba. Baba likewise adored them both similarly.

These three people dozed in the Masjid with their heads towards the east, west and north and with their feet contacting each other at the inside. Extending their beds, they lay, gabbing and tattling about numerous things. On the off chance that any of them hinted at any rest, others would wake him up. If Tatya started to wheeze, Baba on the double got up and shook him from side to side and squeezed his head. On the off chance that it was Mhalsapati, He embraced him close, stroked his legs .

For full 14 years, Tatya, leaving his home, rested in the Masjid because of his affection for Baba. How cheerful and never to be overlooked were those days! After the passing of his dad, Tatya assumed responsibility of the family unit undertakings and started to rest at home.

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