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Story of Damodhar Savalram Rasane (Damu Anna)

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Damodhar Savalram Rasane

Damodhar Savalram Rasane, alias Damu Anna was a Kasar and one of the great devotee of Sai Baba. He grew Sai Baba’s fame by spreading his Leelas through chapters of Das Ganu. Damu was an ordinary and polite man. Anna started as a poor bangle vendor yet his business benefited with great benefit and he developed rich. In this post, we will see how Damu consulted Baba about his business and Baba always guided him in the right way.

Cotton Business

A Bombay companion of Damu Anna kept in touch with him, that he ought to do some cotton-theoretical business in an organization which will bring him almost two lakh rupees in benefit. The dealer composed that the business was great and there was no hazard in it and ought not to lose the chance. Damu Anna was striking a chord. He couldn’t make sense of once to wander into a hypothesis. Being affectionate of Sai Baba, he composed a point by point letter to Shama and asked for him to counsel Baba. And look for his recommendation in this issue.

Shama got the letter the following day and he came at the evening in the Masjid and put before Baba. He asked Shama what was the issue, and what was the paper. He answered that the Duma Anna of the town needed to counsel him about something. At that point Baba stated, “What does he compose, and what does he plan? It appears that he needs to catch the sky and he isn’t happy with whatever God gives him”, and asked Shama to read it.

Shama stated, “the letter conveys the same that you said. If you the matter in the letter then why do you want me to read it”?. Baba said – ” Shama if you don’t mind perused it. I talk arbitrarily and no one trusts in me. ”

At that point, Shama read the letter and Baba listened precisely to it and felt – “Damu has gone distraught, write in the appropriate response that nothing ought to be done in his home, he has a large portion of a bread now.”

Shama reacted by sending an answer which Damu Anna was energetically waiting for. He felt dejected after hearing the decision.

Yet, as Shama had mentioned that he should visit Shirdi and meet Baba. At that point, he went to Shirdi, saw Baba, aggrieved himself before him and sat to clean his feet. He had no bravery to get some information, however, he thought in his mind that on the off chance that it is smarter to give some piece of the business to Baba.

Along these lines, Damu was thinking furtively in his psyche, yet nothing was hidden from Baba. Everything was clear. Baba knew the full history of his devotees. Baba straightforwardly conversed with him – ” I don’t want any share of this business “. In perspective of Baba’s dissatisfaction, Dame Anna left the endeavor.

Grain Business

At that point, he thought of exchanging grains, rice, wheat, and different foodstuffs. Baba likewise perused this thought and stated, “You will not be benefited from this business.” So this business was additionally deserted. Prices soared heights for quite a while.

Damu thought  Baba’s expectation appeared to be dishonest, yet in a month or two, there was bottomless rain and costs fell all of a sudden. And, thusly, the individuals who stored grains had a loss. Damu spared from his destiny.

It is important to see that Baba had spared him from two genuine misfortunes in cotton and grain business. The certainty of Damu Anna in Baba was fortified and he remained a genuine devotee of Baba till his death.

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