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Significance of Human Birth – Sai Baba

Significance of Human Birth

In this great universe, God has made billions of creatures or animals. Of these those creatures or spirits whose merits  dominate, those creatures  go to heaven. And live there till they welcome the results of their exercises. And when this is done they are tossed down .While those spirits whose bad behaviors or demerits dominate go down to hell and bear the results of their offenses for so long a period .

When their advantages and demerits balance each other. They are considered on earth as people and are permitted to work out their liberation. Finally when their advantages and terrible imprints both drop down absolutely they get their deliverance and end up being free. In summary, essentially spirits get their births or transmigrations as shown by their deeds and intelligence.

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Unprecedented value of the body:

As we in general know four things are essential to each one of the creature’s viz. sustenance rest fear and sexual affiliation. Some say that there is nothing more unpleasant than the human body or at the end of the day indecency organic liquid bodily fluid and soil and which is obligated to spoil infection and death. this is no vulnerability reliable with a particular degree; yet inspite of these drawbacks and distortions the one of a kind estimation of the human body is that man can get achieve knowledge.

It is a direct result of the human data that one can consider the fleeting and passing nature of the body itself and of the world and get a sicken for the sense-amuses and can isolate between the dazzling and the honest to goodness and in this way achieve god-vision. Thus if we reject or dismissal the body since it is messy we lose the likelihood of god-vision and in case we touch it and seek after sense delights since it is important we go to hell.

The body should not be ignored or stroked anyway, but should be cared of. Thus the body should ever be used  achieve god-vision.

What we Humans should aim at?

Acknowledging how valuable the human life is, and realizing that Death is sure and may grab us whenever. We ought to be ever cognizant to accomplish an incredible protest. We ought not make the slightest deferral but rather make each conceivable scramble to pick up our question, similarly as a widower is most restless to get himself wedded to another lady of the hour. Or similarly as a ruler investigates every possibility to look for his lost child. So with all sincerity and speed, we should endeavor to accomplish our end, i.e., self-acknowledgment. Throwing away sloth and sluggishness, averting languor, we should day and night reflect on the Self.

How to achieve God Vision?

The best and quick way to acquire god vision is to approach an estimable Saint or Sage – Sadguru, who has himself, accomplished God-vision. What can’t be attained by hearing religious courses is acquired by getting in the association of such excellent spirits. Thus as the sun alone gives light, which each one of the stars set up together can’t do. So the Sad-Guru alone presents supernatural understanding which all the sacred books and exercises can’t permeate.

Sai Baba always treated everyone equally and never discriminated between the rich and the poor. A ruler and a needy individual were the equal to him. Getting birth as human being is a blessing.

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